What are the Benefits of a Breezaire Wine Cellar Unit?

For some, collecting wine is not a hobby, but a lifestyle. The thrill of tracking down a bottle, aging it to perfection, and then enjoying it with your close friends is exhilarating.

Regardless of if you choose to age wines, want a place to store your collection, or a combination of both, it is important to ask yourself: "Am I storing my wine in the right conditions?"

The Best Wine-Storing Conditions

Wine's worst enemy is a heat of any kind. If your bottles are in a place where the temperature rises higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it will speed up the aging process, and not in a good way. Even higher temperatures will “cook” the wine and spoil its beautiful flavors.

Wine should not be stored in conditions that are too cold either. A typical household refrigerator does not exceed 40 degrees. Storing some white wines in the refrigerator is fine for up to a few months, but the corks will begin to dry out eventually.

Experts say the ideal temperature range to store wine is between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The sweet spot is right in the middle at 55 degrees.

The temperature fluctuating by a few degrees every now and then is not something to worry about, but the more consistent, the better. Wine does not respond well to extreme temperature changes.

Don’t forget about the humidity levels, either. Ideally, a wine cellar should have a humidity level of about 70 percent. Levels between 50 percent and 80 percent are considered to be safe.

Anything below 50 percent runs the risk of corks drying out and above 80 percent may cause mold growth on the labels due to excess moisture.  

About the Breezaire Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

When it comes to storing wine, keeping it in a cellar or dark room at a controlled temperature is what is best. The Breezaire WKL-2200 wine cellar cooling unit is great for doing just that.

This small but mighty unit mounts to the wall of your insulated wine cellar and vents to a similar-sized or larger adjacent room. It effectively keeps any wine storage space of up to 265 cubic feet at a consistent temperature with the touch of a button.

The LED screen displays the temperature and it can easily be adjusted via the control panel, but auto temperature monitoring allows you to just set it up and not have to worry. It is also equipped with automatic humidity control and a defrost system.

Vibration is another element that negatively impacts wine storage, but that is not an issue with the Breezaire cooling unit. Its fan was designed to be extremely quiet and vibration-free so your wine remains undisturbed.

The Breezaire WKL-2200 is made in the USA and comes with a comprehensive warranty. Give your wine collection the love that it deserves and control its storage temperature with the Breezaire cooling unit.

A wine cellar cooling unit is an investment, but the longevity of a precious wine collection is priceless.

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