Authorized Retailer

Very few companies can say the same, We are an authorized retailer for every brand we sell. We never compromise quality of service and work, and  We promise to serve you with integrity, and honesty because it is what you deserve. Can our competitors say the same? We have won countless awards for being a trust worthy and reliable  company. We have earned that title thanks to each and every one of our valued customers. Can you trust our competitors to take care of you like we do? 


Another Benefit of purchasing from an Authorized dealer is that you can rest assured the product you are getting is of the highest quality. There are plenty other retailers offering what seems to be the same product at a lower price how ever what you are really getting is a product that will break down in no less than three months and you will have no recourse to get your money back nor have the item fixed. Be ware of offers that are too good to be true because they might actually be exactly that.

Safe Check Out Assured 

Our Store is constantly monitored and checked. We can assure you that your checkout will be secure. Our security system is tougher than Amazon and Walmart Combined.

Thank You

 From all of us here at Wine Capitol to you we would like to say thank you for choosing to be our customers. You're not just a customer you are  a part of this family, And we treat you like family. Honestly from us to you Thank You For choosing to be a part of the Family.