About us


Message From The CEO

          Thanks to all of our customers we have grown much, and we are now able to offer so many other products. Because you have trusted us we promise to never offer any sub par services to you. We can promise you the best possible service at the best possible price because we are an authorized retailer.
          Once we were on a quest to improve our wine/Beverage. It is said that wine is the honey of the Gods but we were not having that experience, so on our quest we found that a wine cooler can make all the difference. How ever on our search for the right one we couldn’t find the correct options either because many stores didn’t have enough options or because their options were really horrible. That’s when Wine Capitol was created, We created this company thinking of you. We have many options on our store however we don’t have just any option... we only provide the best high quality options that we know our customers will love!

          There is a whole world out there involving wine. There are countless places you may visit to better your wine's taste but none is better than where you are now. Why? That's because we are the Capitol of the wine world. Countless others can testify to you that we have made their wine experience one hundred times better with our wine cooler's and other special accessories we offer.

          Our corporate office is located in New Jersey, however we ship all around the United States! We are happy to serve you our valued customer any where you may be. we hope you enjoy our service and come back often.